Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let's Talk Truffles

Truffles used to be hard to come by, and for some, still are. However, here in Pittsburgh we have a superb Store called The Giant Eagle Market District. They carry black truffles and will soon carry the white truffle as well. Just a few years ago, the black truffle, also considered, the black diamond was according to most chefs as the finest of the two. However, the white truffle is becoming the most popular, and the most expensive. Truffles can cost $150.00 to $600.00 and up per pound. Sounds too expensive right? Wrong!!! I went to the Market District preparing to shell out a couple hundred dollars, which I considered a huge splurge. I chose four medium sized black truffles, went to the check out counter, pulled out my trusty credit card expecting to wince at the total price, which was all of about ten dollars. I could not believe it. I sang all the way home. Truffles are all they are said to be in taste. I cannot even explain the taste, but I will try. They have a pungent smell, yet a delicate, somewhat sweet flavor. Sunday, I will post a recipe which calls for black truffles. Store your truffles in rice, in the fridge and they'll last longer than you'd think.

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